THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream


Gregory Greene - director/writer

Gregory Greene is a Toronto-based filmmaker with a background in social and political documentaries.  His television credits include BRAVO!'s acclaimed arts series Arts & Minds, MUCHMUSIC's documentary series Musicians in the War Zone and more recently Suhail's Jihad.

He is working on a sequel, Escape From Suburbia, which will be completed in the late-fall of 2006.

Greg hopes The End of Suburbia will provoke discussion about the coming oil crisis and what can be done.


Ken Vandevrie - original music

Trained as a classical pianist, Ken has acquired his Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 and Grade 2 Practical Theory which includes 27 years of piano playing experience, and 8 years of MIDI digital keyboard/sound sampling programming.

His audio for video work experience gives him credit on various television music scores such as: OR: Behind the Mask , Ask the Vet, ABC News, Real Fishing on TSN; Backyard Cookin', and Canadian Living TV . Ken has also produced some widely recognized radio commercial spots for BASF, Canadian Sport Fishing, Procter and Gamble, Acura and Mazda.

Ken grew up in the country, where his family operated a vegetable farm. No doubt his farming skills will be valuable in a post-carbon world.


Matthew Pavone - audio design

Matthew is well experienced in audio production using the latest equipment, and techniques.  A graduate of the Recording Arts Program of Canada, he manages audio post at a.d.s. Studio Productions Inc. in Brantford, Ontario. Matthew specializes in sound design for video, having worked on various projects including corporate videos, documentaries, animation, television and live stage performances for the past seven years.

As a mastering engineer, Matthew has mastered dozens of albums and corporate/ broadcast projects in the past few years. Recently, one such album was nominated as Best Inspirational Album at the 2004 VIBE awards.

Since completing work on The End of Suburbia, Matt has been researching the installation of solar power for his home.


Barry Silverthorn - producer/editor

Barry is a freelancer, working as supervising video editor for Canada's VisionTV, the world's first multi-faith television network. He began his career as an assistant editor for Canadian programs such as Night Heat, Katts and Dog, Maniac Mansion, and Codco. Barry was also editor of Barrie Zwicker's The Great Deception: The War on Terror- An Alternative View, and The Great Conspiracy.

The End of Suburbia is his first documentary project as a producer.

Barry recently purchased a 75-mpg, two-seat Mercedes Smart Car. "Knowing what I know, I should have just bought a bike instead", he says. "But I can always sell it to someone who thinks they can drive their way out of this mess."

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