The Electric Wallpaper Company is a full-service video production business based in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and serving Picton, Belleville, Trenton, Kingston, and surrounding areas.

The "company" was started in 1986 by cameraman and video editor Barry Silverthorn. He began his broadcast TV career in 1988 as an editing assistant on Canadian programs such as Night Heat, Diamonds, Katts & Dog, Wonderstruck and Codco.

As supervising video editor for VisionTV for ten years, he edited or packaged over 1000 TV episodes - on time, and on budget.

In 2004 he produced, shot and edited the indie-cult documentary The End of Suburbia, which has sold over 40,000 DVDs and aired on seven TV networks worldwide.

Barry is a visual story-teller. He collaborates with a pool of experienced technicians and artists in the disciplines of audio, video and graphics, both locally and in the Toronto area. Whether your project is a documentary, TV series, sales presentation, or a video for the worldwide web, Barry has something to offer. Give him a call at 613-970-0237 or email to discuss the details of your project.


Conspiracy Test


The End of Suburbia

The Pet Network




Black & Decker / DeWalt Tools

Canadian Tire

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Ontario Hospital Association

Parmalat Canada

Pennzoil - Quaker State

Toronto Humane Society

Milk War (i-Channel, 2010)

Guardians of a Musical Treasure (2007)

Escape from Suburbia (2006)

The End of Suburbia (2004)

The Great Conspiracy (2004)

The Last Round Trailer (NFB, 2004)

Saga of the Steamship Atlantic (WQLN 1996)

Celebrity Soapbox (i-Channel, 2009) 4 episodes

Pet Central (The Pet Network, 2008) 7 episodes

Conspiracy Test (Discovery USA, 2007) 1 episode

360 Vision (VisionTV, 2003-2007) 85 episodes

Credo (VisionTV, 2002-2003) 39 episodes

Insight (VisionTV, 2001-2002) 84 episodes

RetroVision (VisionTV / NFB, 2002) 26 episodes