THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream



Oil Depletion and The Collapse of The American Dream

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Frequently Asked Questions about The END of SUBURBIA


Can I show The End of Suburbia publicly?

Yes, absolutely! You can show documentary to as many people, as many times as you wish, as long as it is not for profit and the DVD or VHS is an original (not a downloaded or pirated copy). There are no licensing fees or screening contracts involved, if the event is not for profit. You are welcome to charge a modest admission to cover costs or fundraise for a non-profit group. If you do happen to collect a substantial amount and just can't decide what to do with it, we suggest donating some to the Post Carbon Institute. They're doing an admirable job of creating awareness about oil depletion.


Can I show the documentary on my local Community Access TV channel?

No, not yet. We are working to secure broadcasters in the US and abroad, and any previous arings on television will affect our negotiations. Broadcasters interested in licensing The End of Suburbia should contactt us directly. Broadcasters are welcome to use excerpts from the DVD of up to two minutes in length in the context of an interview, review or news story. If you would like a BetacamSP EPK, contact us.


Can I upload The End of Suburbia to YouTube or Google Video, so others can view it?

Unfortunately, no. Our distribution agreements do not give us the freedom to permit this. However, we can allow the film to be made available for viewing via an internal server at a educational institution, such as a university, as long as the file cannot be downloaded and copied onto users' computers.In addition, artists and activists are welcome to use clips up to two minutes long in the context of an online news story, review, or editorial. We also approve of The End of Suburbia's use in mash-ups. Credit us if you can.


Can I make copies of the documentary for friends or family?

We don't permit the copying of the DVD under any circumstances. However, you are welcome to rent or lend your copy. If your intention is to create awareness about peak oil, public screenings are still themost effective way to reach people. Screening events also allow you to network with others in your community.


Where can I get a copy of The End of Suburbia?

Right here


Is The End of Suburbia available in other languages?

Yes, we now have a dubbed Spanish version available. We have also completed a subtitled European French version and are considering making it available on DVD, but have no plans at this time.


Is the DVD closed-captioned?

No. We had hoped to have a closed-captioned version available the next time we updated the DVD, but no new versions were ever made.


I've heard that there is a 52-minute version of The End of Suburbia. Where can I get a copy?

A shorter version of the documentary was created by VisionTV for broadcast in a one-hour time slot in Canada. It is not available on home video formats.


I read somewhere that there is going to be a sequel to The End of Suburbia. When can I see it?

Director Greg Greene has completed a follow-up documentary called Escape From Suburbia. He is now working on a third project called Resilient City and frmo what's been seen so far it's going to be monumental.


My copy has this weird, white dot on the screen intermittently. What is that?

What you are seeing is a tear in one of the vintage film prints that we used. It's quite likely that the copy we had access to is the only one in existence, so we opted to use it, flaws and all. Yes, it's a tad distracting, but we had no choice.


I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Should I move?

Yes. As soon as possible.

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