THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream


NY Festivals Award


Greg Greene's long-awaited sequel to The End of Suburbia

The End is Coming!


The End of Suburbia is now available for Video-on-Demand downloading from

According to director Dave Pawsey, The End of Suburbia was the inspiration for the music video for "Them Kids" by Sam Roberts. Check it out at YouTube

The End of Suburbia is now distributed in the United States through Microcinema and in Canada via KRK Media. Your local video store should be able to order you a copy.

Grist Magazine has listed The End of Suburbia as #11 in their Top 15 Green Movies of all time.

Photos from our travels are here. Information about upcoming screenings of The End of Suburbia can be found here.

July 7th, 2007 - We exhibited at the Live Earth concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

The End of Suburbia has received a Gold Ribbon Finalist Certificate from The Canadian Association of Broadcasters in the category of Documentaries and Public Affairs.

In February of 2006, 400 copies of The End of Suburbia were distributed to attendees of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

January 2006 - The End of Suburbia has received the Bronze World Medal in the Environment & Ecology category at the New York Festivals International Television Programming and Promotion Awards

Wow! Our little documentary was #4 on Sam the Record Man's best-selling DVDs of 2005!

December 2005 - Scenes from The End of Suburbia shown on The Colbert Report

The End of Suburbia was awarded a prestigious Chris Award at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival in November of 2005. The documentary also received The Environmental Vision Award at the Putnam County Film & Video Festival in September.

Excerpts from The End of Suburbia will air on LinkTV from October 2 through October 7, 2005, with an interview and commentary from Richard Heinberg, who appears in the doc.

August, 2005 - We offer a new DVDlite that uses less material in the packaging, and costs less to ship. It's available at a special price - $19.95US.

Canadians can now rent The End of Suburbia at Rogers Video

VisionTV aired a one-hour version of The End of Suburbia nationally in Canada on March 9, 2005. It was the top-rated program for the week, more than doubling the network's average primetime audience.

The End of Suburbia is now available for rent in the USA from Netflix.

In response to requests to provide active-duty military personnel with DVDs, we have created a special offer. You can have a DVD copy of The End of Suburbia sent to any member of the US military anywhere in the world for only $7US (This offer ended in December 2007).

The End was featured at the Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival in Toronto, Canada in October, 2004.

The End of Suburbia goes to Hollywood! The documentary was screened at Arclight Cinemas at Sunset and Vine on September 24th and 26th, 2004, and at GardenLAb on September 25th as part of the Silverlake Film Festival.

The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival in Erie Pennsylvania selected The End of Suburbia for screening at the festival in September 18, 2004. It was nominated for Best Documentary Feature.

May 25, 2004 - The International Citizens' Inquiry Into 9/11 in Toronto screened The End of Suburbia as part of its video program.The presentation was followed by Q&A by the director and producer.

May 5, 2004 - DVD released.

April 16, 2004 - The End of Suburbia premiered in Toronto, Canada.

March 27, 2004 - Excerpts from the The End of Suburbia were shown at the International Inquiry into 9-11 in San Francisco, CA.

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