THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream


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The film was quite frightening and I am sure many will say these scientists are just alarmists -- but it's so true that petrol and our American way of life cannot and will not last forever... - Anais, California's one of the most important docs in recent years. - Anthony Lappe, Guerrilla News Network

I would say it does for suburban sprawl/related mindless consumerist energy addiction what Fahrenheit 9/11 did for Bush. - Giselle, Texas

This information is quite shocking. I think many people who thought they had sufficient information concerning the energy crisis will be left in a rethinking mode. - Jim, California

The End of Suburbia is a perfect tool for introducing people to peak oil. Just enough humor to sugarcoat the bitter pill. - Jason, California

(Michael Moore) will have to deal with the reality of oil peaking globally, although the recent documentary The End of Suburbia beat him to the punch. - Jan Lundberg,

It's outstanding! -- I watched it Saturday with a group of friends, and plan to hold many more viewings. Thanks for making this important presentation. - Caryl, Pennsylvania

What a hoot. (James Howard) Kunstler is the funniest man alive, and he really had his material polished for this one. I nominate him for prophet status. - b

I thought the movie was FANTASTIC. It really hit all the main points that we at ROE2 are familiar with, and it did so organically, in a non-cramming-it-down-your-throat way. I would imagine that your movie will be especially well-received by those who are more or less "new" to these issues. - Doug, California

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