About us

My name is Dale Fernandez and I’m the owner of this website together with my wife Gwen. We got interested in what is troubling our world and society during the Great Recession of 2008. We now devote a large chunk of our free time to studying and writing about the issues like energy/resource depletion, economic issues from around the world and especially the impact that our way of life has on the world.

We’re just getting started with this website so expect sparse content at first. As we delve more into the issues that we as society face, you’ll see a lot more interesting topics covered. Since both me and my wife live in the suburbs of a major city we get front row seats to the issues that are affecting the suburban way of life. Our goal is to get out of the suburbs and switch to a small rural fixer-upper farm in the future. Subscribe to our website to keep track of our progress and to receive updates on all the problems that we face in our efforts. We can only hope that you like what you read here. Use the contact page to get in touch with us.