New fractures detected on Greenlands glaciers

Today news broke that a huge chunk of one of the larger Greenland glaciers has started showing cracks that could lead to it breaking off from the rest of the Greenland ice shelf. This is not a good thing. Greenland ice shelf has trapped enough water to rise the sea levels around 20 feet if all the ice from there were to melt. It seems that we are on a schedule to see such a meltdown in the near future. How to plan and what to do in such a situation?

Sea level rise threat

Greenland is just one of the many ice shelfs from around of world which are showing signs of meltdown.

There are numerous calving videos on YouTube which show the effects of glacier melting. Calving videos like the one above is at the same time amazing and disturbing. Amazing because they show off what nature is capable of, disturbing because calvings are the result of climate change. News like the one linked above is worrying because they make it very difficult to ignore climate change. No matter how much you choose to ignore it, reality always catches up. We need to start thinking about preserving what little energy, resources and the environment we have left. If not for us and definitely for our children.